Families that Flip Together…

So this happened.

Teeters Beth and Jon

That’s our Teeter’s house. And that’s my sister and her family. Also known as the new owners.

Here’s the story: In October I was hosting an open house at our newly completed Teeter’s house. I love this house. It’s directly across the street from a school, it’s down a quiet street, in a great part of town. It’s not exactly a ranch, not quite a bungalow, it is it’s own combination of unique space and beautiful craftsmanship.

Teeters 2

My kids had spent the day with Beth and Jon, my sister and her husband who live in Cedar Rapids and have kids the same age as our two oldest. Through a series of changed plans, it happened that Beth and Jon came to the open house I was hosting in order to drop my kids off. The open house was coming to a close so I invited them to take a look around while I talked with another guest. It was their first time in the house.

I was standing in the front sun room when Jon came up to me. His face was a little flushed and he said, “I want to live in this house.” “Okay, Jon!” I joked back. “Sold!”

But here’s the thing: I was joking. He was not.

Beth walked up to us and heard Jon say, “I love this house. I want to live here.” “What? You do? You want to move to Iowa City?” (Side note: it wasn’t six weeks ago that we all heard Jon declare that he did not want to move to Iowa City.) So back through the house they went, this time looking at each room as potential owners and not just supportive family.


They committed to buying the house that day. In less than a week we signed the papers. I couldn’t get my staging supplies out of the house quick enough — to say that they were ready to move in is an understatement. Jon, who works at the Hospital, started parking at the house. He no longer has to commute to Iowa City, park miles from work and take a bus. He’s now about 6 blocks from the Hospital. The kids transferred school and now go to school with their cousins. After many, many trips in the family car, this past weekend the moving truck brought the last of their belongings from their old home to their new one.

Teeters 7 IMG_1235

Jon and Beth weren’t necessarily looking to move. They were never prospective buyers. We did not consult with them or ask their opinions about renovations. Though some of you may remember us asking our Facebook friends what color they thought would look best on the front door!

Teeters 5

They bought the home because they liked the renovations (including the bright red door — thanks for your votes!) and they could see raising their family inside it’s walls.

It thrills me to have them now live in Iowa City. The three Lohman sisters are living in the same town for the first time in almost 18 years! This might be trouble.

Teeters 6

We feel proud that the work we do speaks for itself. It feels good to know that the quality of our work stays the same whether we are working for an unknown buyer or our own family.

Teeters 4 Teeters 3

This flip truly was a family affair. That’s my mom helping with landscaping this summer and our youngest Jameson supervising the new front porch construction.

Congratulations Beth and Jon on your new home! This is a story we will always tell.

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