Why, hello there!

It seems like the only thing we didn’t do in the past 12 months is update this blog! Apologies are in order, but first, we wanted to catch you up on what has kept us on our toes this last year.

First, this little pumpkin. Finley joined our family one year ago January, and we couldn’t be more smitten with this delightful baby girl.



Her big brother Jameson has taken her under his wing; the two are nearly inseparable.


Speaking of Jameson, he started kindergarten this year, much to the chagrin of both his parents. He rides the bus to school with Avery who is thriving in fifth grade.


Lohman has hit his stride in Junior High, quite literally, too. He closed out his first Cross Country season with a sixth place finish in the state meet.

Copy of DSC_9004


Between school activities, soccer, family and fun, we have managed to fit in a few flips as well.

We bought and flipped this bungalow on Court Street.



We finished and sold this mid-century home on College Street.



We flipped this house on Kirkwood.

1 Front-2

We sold the houses on Washington Street and Diana Court.



Remember my sister Beth’s family who bought the house we flipped on Teeters?

1 Exterior

Well, we found an even better home for their family and are helping them make their new house their forever home. We are super excited to be featuring this amazing mid-century modern home in this year’s Parade of Homes Remodelers Parade. More details to follow!


Lastly, we aren’t sure if Jameson was trying to tell us something or not, but I’ll close this blog post with a funny anecdote. Recently, Jameson was playing in our garage where he found an old FSBO sign. He then proceeded to jab the little red FSBO yard sign in our front yard, drawing some questions from our neighbors as well as some attention to our NOT-for-sale-by-owner home. Sheesh. I wonder where he gets it?


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