Nice to Meet You


Michelle : Co-Owner Pro Home Solutions

Next time you’re at the hardware store take a moment and look around. There is a good chance you’ll see Michelle roaming the aisles of Lowes for the perfect bathroom tile, choosing handles at Menards or the right dishwasher at Sears. Michelle is on a first-name basis with many of the local businesses and contractors around town. You’ll often see her driving in the family car packed with building supplies checking in on the houses in progress.

Michelle grew up in Iowa City and graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Psychology. She worked in the Marketing Department for Iowa State Bank (now MidWestOne), has served on several boards including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Greater Iowa City Area Dollars for Scholars and helps with fundraising for Young Life.

Now the things about her you really wanted to know:

She is a self-proclaimed plumbing and light fixture hoarder (take care when entering the garage).

She can out-dance her kids on Wii Dance.

She would worry a great deal about feeding her family if her crock-pot broke.

She can’t say no to a sale, especially on boots.


Jay: Co-Owner Pro Home Solutions

Jay is as surprised as anyone that he ended up back in Iowa after years away. Jay grew up in Sioux City and is the youngest of four boys. After graduating high school he followed the lead of his big brothers and headed west to Colorado where he worked for 14 years as a ski instructor. After meeting Michelle he moved back to Iowa and worked alongside a private contractor before starting Pro Home Solutions.

Jay is the most laid-back person you will ever meet. Ever. Ever-ever. The stress of flipping houses, of all the unknowns you uncover as you dig your hands into a new job, a busy life with a wife and three kids, a home, a boat, a very long driveway to shovel — none of it seems to phase this guy.

Now the things you really wanted to know:

He is a self-trained painter and artist.

He continues to be a ski slope master, even after years away from the slopes.

He will always be the last man standing at your party.

His stories will leave you crying you’ll be laughing so hard.

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