Hello, Neighbor

Welcome to the new Pro Home Solutions blog! Our business is growing and thriving and we wanted a chance to catalog how we experience everything from the surprises to successes, the disasters to the delights of owning our own business of buying, restoring and ultimately selling homes in our community.


We are a husband (Jay) and wife (Michelle) team who way back in 2005 began plotting how to bring to life the vision we had for our life. A vision that started with our family but also included buying, fixing and selling homes. Our family is our priority. We wanted to create a life that supported this value. Our previous jobs had prepared us well, so with a deep breath we sold our house, our car and the majority of our belongings and headed… where else? To Spain to experience life and culture in a new way and to embark on our new journey together.

We returned to Iowa City and in 2006 and established Pro Home Solutions on a wing, a prayer and a huge loan. Starting our own business has transformed our lives, our family and the community we live in.


We have three rambunctious and lively kids who have grown accustomed to piles of tiles in the kitchen and flooring samples in the living room. Our business doesn’t afford us much rest, but for us our number one priority is our kids.

Provorse Kit View D

We work with several individual contractors and are hands-on when it comes to flipping houses. We are active in every part of the remodel; from searching for new houses to buying, choosing the best materials, working with specialized contractors, staging the homes for open-houses and ultimately selling our hard work to new homeowners.

We look forward to having this space to give our buyers, friends, family and community an inside look at our business!